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What is “Potential Difference” about?

Potential Difference Logo“Potential Difference” is my podcast series. You can subscribe to it on iTunes.

I realised a while ago I’m very uncomfortable in front of a camera or microphone. As they say, the best way to overcome your fears is to meet them head on. So I did. Along with the youtube videos, I’ve started this podcast. It’s a way for me to get a lot better, but more importantly I see a lot of potential for sharing news, knowledge and enthusiasm through it.

At its core, the podcasts gives an insight into science and engineering through the eyes of young researchers. There are interviews with PhD students, early career researchers and young engineers. They share their career path to date, and their views on their subject and what may face them in their careers. Along the way, we discuss scientific concepts and breakthroughs, looking at their wider impact, but also their limitations. We’ll learn about academic life, the opportunities and the challenges of an academic career.

Special episodes will focus on topical discoveries or announcements, or will feature high profile guests: established scientists who reminisce about their world-changing discoveries, offer sound advice, share their experience or predict the future.

What’s the deal with the logo?

The young people I’m interviewing are all future leaders in their field. The work they’re currently doing may end up having a great deal of impact on all our lives, hence the title. “Potential difference” is also another name for what we commonly know as voltage and we write as “V” in equations, a notion which is central to my area of engineering. As some of you may know, I won’t say no to a cheesy pun too often.

Let me know what you think

Whether you like the podcast or not, I would be very grateful if you could leave a review on iTunes (search Potential Difference in Podcasts, look for the bright yellow icon) or send me your thoughts. There is always room for improvement and your views are greatly appreciated. Also, please share on social media and tell your friends about it. I hope this way more people will peek inside looking for the real story behind science and engineering.

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Episode list

You can find a complete list of past podcasts below:
003 PD S01E02 – Bending the rules of electronic design
004 PD S01E03 – Let there be energy-efficient light