Who is this fella?


radu_sporeaRadu Sporea is Royal Academy of Engineering Academic Research Fellow at the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI), University of Surrey. He has held the EPSRC PhD+ Fellowship in the Nanoelectronics Centre of the ATI and has studied for his PhD (2006 – 2010) in the same centre.

After studying Computer Systems Engineering at “Politehnica” University, Bucharest, Romania, Radu has worked as a Junior Design Engineer for Catalyst Semiconductor Romania, now part of ON Semiconductor. He has also developed software applications for optoelectronic test benches for the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, also in Bucharest.

The focus of the research is on large area electronics – flexible, transparent, printed and wearable electronics. This includes traditional display screens, silicon circuits and glass substrates, but also newer materials, technologies and processing, for example plastic films as vehicles for electronic applications and organic, inkjet-printed electronics.


Polycrystalline silicon devices and measurement setup (conventional electronic technology as found in LCD display screens)


Simulation of electron concentration in a thin-film transistor, from a recent research paper (c) IEEE 2013


Occasionally, Radu will write, present and produce short Science films. Here is the updated youtube playlist.
His Electronic Engineering podcast is featured on the Surrey EE pages and on Pod Academy.
Radu is available for school, evening and weekend talks and debates on:

  • History of electronic engineering
  • Impact of electronic and computer technology
  • The process of research in advanced technologies

He has organised and presented talks at Cheltenham and the British Science Festivals.
He has served as scientific advisor on the BBC Series “Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity” presented by Surrey’s Prof Jim Al-Khalili.


Behind the scenes during filming for “Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity”.
Setup demonstrates the photoelectric effect.

Radu is proud alumnus of Famelab and has performed on and presented at Café Scientifique, Science Showoff,  Pecha Kucha and Bright Club.
He appeared on BBC4’s “Some Boffins with Jokes” wearing the same outfit!


On telly


Past photos on flickr. Recently, only photos of family and visited places get taken.



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