007 PD S02E02 – Mark Langridge – Microlens fabrication, getting into university

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Mark Langridge is finding more efficient ways of patterning surfaces and channelling light into microscopic structures, which in the long run will mean better digital camera sensors. Illness meant that struggled at school and barely got into university, yet he’s now successfully working towards his PhD. He explains how adapting his way of working to his energy level and efficiently using his time have helped.

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This is an episode in the first series of “Potential Difference”, presented and produced by Radu Sporea. You can download the file here.

In this series I interview some of my young colleagues, PhD students and researchers from the Advanced Technology Institute at the University of Surrey. They may not be household names (yet), but they are a the forefront of international research and have great stories to tell. Listen to their impressions on their work and on life as a researcher.

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