004 PD S01E03 – Let there be energy-efficient light

Potential Difference Logo 150This series of four programmes is devoted to technologies which still have long to go before they become part of everyday products, but which show real promise of changing the way we think about energy-efficient electronics. I have deliberately avoided interviewing or quoting the most established and well known scientists and engineers. Instead you will hear from some of my young colleagues: researchers and doctoral students form the Advanced Technology Institute at the University of Surrey. I hope that their accounts from the coal face of electronics and materials research will demonstrate the tremendous enthusiasm and interest that exists in these potentially world-changing technologies.

In this episode: energy-efficient lighting – the different types, how we’re going about it and why it’s taking so long to arrive.

Contributors: Dr Lynn Rozanski, Dr Chris Mills, Dr Radu Sporea.

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This is an episode in the first series of “Potential Difference”, presented by Radu Sporea and produced by Esam Al-Dabagh. It has been featured on PodAcademy and on the University of Surrey’s Electronic Engineering pages.

You can download the file here.

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